Chicken - Steak - Shrimp Menu
#5 Rob’s Enchiladas
Flour tortiilas filled with Chicken Fajita, diced shrimp fajita, mushrooms & cheese! Draped with creamy poblano sauce! Served with a side of Black beans & Cilantro white rice.

Pollo en Salsa
8oz. grilled chicken breast topped with Mexican white cheese and draped with choice of sauce:
* Chili Meat Sauce
* Green Tomatillo Sauce
* Cilantro Cream Sauce
* Chipotale Cream Sauce
* Guajillo Red Sauce
* Creamy Poblano Sauce
* Roasted tomato, avocado & cheese
Side of Cilantro white rice, black beans.

Chipotle Chicken & Shrimp
8 oz. Grilled chicken breast topped w/ 4-jumbo grilled
shrimp draped with chipotle creme sauce. Black beans
& cilantro white rice.
Bacon Wrapped Shrimp
(6) grilled jumbo shrimp wrapped with asadero cheese, jalapeño bits & bacon served atop Mexican rice with borracho beans. Queso fresco side salad.

Churrasco Beef Skirt Steak
Cast iron seared 8oz. grilled skirt steak and side of chimichurri sauce with black beans, cilantro white rice, guacamole and a Queso Fresco side salad!
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