**Fabulous Margaritas
(Frozen or Rocks) Famous, smooth, and strong!!
Top Shelf Ajuúa-Rita
(Frozen or Rocks) With added premium Tequila and Gran Gala Orange Liqueur
Sangria-Rita - (Frozen)
Famous, smooth, strong with a swirl of home-made Sangria!
32oz Cerveza-Rita
Frozen margarita and Mexican beer.
20oz Ajuúa Coronita-Rita
(also available with Coronita Lite) Frozen margarita and mini-Coronita beer.
Italian Margarita
Frozen or Rocks with Disaronno Amaretta.
Fruit Margarita
(Mango or Strawberry - Frozen or Rocks) Smooth, strong, and delicious!
Amora Rita
Fresh lime juice, Super Premium Avion Tequila, Cointreau Orange Liqueur, Gran Marnier, Presidente Brandy and orange peel syrup! The champ of all margaritas!!
32oz Blue Moon Mango-Rita
Frozen margarita and Blue Moon beer!
Skinny-Rita - (Rocks) *Low Calorie*
Fresh lime, pure Mexican agave, Patron Silver Tequila and H2O! Delicioso!
Cucumber Margarita
Super Premium Tequila, Gran Gala and lime with muddled cucumber.
**Amazing Mojitos
Cuban Mojito
Muddled lime, fresh mint leaves, natural orange peel syrup, rum, and a splash of soda!
Bacardi Cuban Mojitos
All with Bacardi Superior rum, your choice of flavor.
Coconut, Blueberry, Pineapple, Strawberry, Cucumber
**Specialty Cocktails
Pineapple juice, pure coconut, and Bacardi Superior rum. Topped with whip cream and a cherry!
44 oz. Cazadores Cazuela for 2
Mexican clay bowl with fresh citrus juices, premium tequila, orange, and simple syrup on the rocks.
La Michelada
* Mexican Style- Lime, Worcestershire, tobasco, Tecate, and a splash of olive juice on the rocks!
* Tex Mex Style - Lime, Zing Zang Clamato, Worcestershire, tobasco, Tecate and a splash of olive juice on the rocks!
Ajuúa Sangria - Red
Red wine, fresh juice, fruit, and a splash of a secret AJUÚA mixture! Refreshing and cool!!
20oz Ajuúa Tejas Tea
Fire Fly sweet tea vodka, fresh lemonade, Bacardi Superior rum and a splash of coke.
Cucumber Vodka Martini
Muddled lime, cucumber, St. Germaine Vodka and a splash of soda & sprite!
20oz Hypnotic Potion
Lime juice, 360 cherry vodka, Malibu pineapple rum, Bacardi raspberry rum, splash cranberry, orange, simple syrup, club soda!
**Cold Beer
Bottled Import
Victoria - Carta Blanca - Corona - Corona Light - DOS XX - Negra Modelo - Pacifico - Sol - Modelo Especial - Tecate - Blue Moon
Bottled Domestic
Budweiser - Bud Light Lime - Bud Light - Miller Light - Michelob Ultra - Coors Light Shiner Bock - St. Pauli’s NA
Draft - Pint 16oz.
Domestic - Bud Light
Import - Dos XX & Modelo Especial
Draft - 32oz.
Domestic - Bud Light
Import - Dos XX & Modelo Especial
Food, Beverages, Plates, Specials and Prices are subject to change without notification.