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Ajuúa Pozole Soup
Authentic cascabel chili, hominy, oregano, and lean pork tips. Cup or Bowl

Ajuúa Tortilla Soup
Cup or Bowl

Fresh Ranch Salad
Fresh lettuce, tomatoes, avocado slices topped with shredded parmesan cheese and topped with Ajuúa ranch dressing!
Add chicken breast fajita

Ensalada Ajuúa al Carbon
A delectable salad-Romaine lettuce, tomato wedges, sliced avocado, cabbage and Queso Fresco draped with a citrus roasted red bell pepper poppy seed dressing.
With chicken breast fajita
With beef fajita steak
With grilled shrimp or talapia fish

Ajuúa Taco Salad
Large deep fried flour tortilla topped with picadillo, (ground beef) or shredded chicken or chicken tinga with lettuce, pico de gallo, guacamole, shredded white cheese and Mexican crema. Sits atop refried beans.
Torta de Mexico
A Mexican style sandwich - toasted bolillo bread filled with Mexican white cheese, avocado slices and chipotle-lime mayo with your choice of meat! Seasoned side of french fries & guacamole salad medley!
Chicken breast fajita - 8.95 | Beef fajita steak | Talapia fish | Chicken Tinga

EL Cubanito
Ajuúa version of the Cuban sandwich, filled with roasted pork, sliced lean ham, pickles, mustard and chimichurri-mayo! Side of seasoned fries and guacamole salad medley.
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