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Carne Estilo Ajuúa
6 oz chargrilled skirt steak smothered with creamy poblano sauce and a chicken enchilada draped with chipotle sauce. Served with refried beans, Mexican rice and a queso fresco side salad.

Enchilada Trio
(1)-tomatillo green sauce, (1)-chile meat sauce, (1)-chipotle cream sauce, with Mexican rice and refried beans.
Seasoned ground beef
Shredded chicken breast

Carne Guisada Plate
A slow simmered Mexican beef stew in a thick savory brown gravy. Served with Mexican rice and refried beans.

Chile Roasted Poblano
Roasted poblano pepper stuffed with shredded chicken breast and Mexican white cheese, topped with creamy cilantro sauce.

Chicken Tinga Plate  
(Favorito de Mexico!)
Shredded chicken breast sauteed with adobo & chipotle, topped with sliced avocado and Mexican crema! Served with Mexican rice and borracho beans.

Lemon Pepper Talapia
Sprinkled w/lemon pepper then grilled with pico de gallo, side of chipotle crema. Cilantro white rice and black beans.
Pollo Monterrey
8 oz. marinated grilled chicken topped with roasted
tomatoes, avocado slices and melted white cheese.
Cilantro white rice and black beans.

Steak a la Mexicana
8 oz. sautéed Angus skirt cubes in unique spiced suace, sprinkled with queso fresco. Side black beans & Cilantro white rice.

Fajita Enchilada Casserole
Layered corn tortillas with melted white cheese and beef or chicken fajita, draped with choice of sauce! Side Mexican rice and refried beans.
* Chili Meat Sauce
* Green Tomatillo Sauce
* Cilantro Cream Sauce
* Chipotle Cream Sauce
* Creamy Poblano Sauce
* Guajillo Red Sauce
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